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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: My air conditioner/heater is suddenly not working what should I do?

A: If you suddenly find that your air conditioner or heater is not working properly, it is a good idea to contact us. Often by simply speaking with our experts we can help you, over the phone, to determine what the problem is.

Q: Do you give free estimates?

A: If you have a problem with your air conditioner or heater, our experts can schedule a time to come to your home and to help you to figure out what the problem is. And yes, the initial consult is free of charge.

Q: How often should I have my heater/air conditioning unit maintained or serviced?

A: It is a good idea to have your heating and air conditioning unit serviced at least once a year. This will help to keep it in good working order and working as efficiently as possible.

Q: When is it time to purchase a new unit?

A: This is a very good question. If your unit seems to be working strangely you should always contact one of our experts. They can assess the problem and can tell you honestly if the unit is worth fixing or if you would be better served by purchasing a new one.

Q: My heater broken on a Sunday! Can you help?

A: Our 24/7 repair service is always there to help you, no matter whether it`s late at night, a weekend, or a holiday. We know that heating and air conditioning units don`t always break down at convenient times, which is why we work round the clock.

Q: I don`t know which type of air conditioning/heating unit to buy. What should I do?

A: Our experts want to make sure that you always get the unit that you need, and we are more than willing to help you. If you set up an appointment one of our experts can come to your home and can easily calculate what size unit you need in order to properly heat and cool your home.

Q: Will you fix a heater or air conditioner even if you didn`t install it?

A: Yes, our experts are always willing and able to fix a unit, even if we did not install it!


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