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Air Filtration System A device that is designed to remove allergens and a variety of other pollutants and undesirable particles from the air in your home.

Allergen Substances that can create an allergic reaction in a human, such as pollen, dust, pet hair, dust mites, fungus, and more.

All-In-One System A system that has both air conditioning and heating units in one cabinet. All-in-one systems are usually installed on the top of a home or directly beside it.

BTU BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the amount of energy that is required to raise a pound of water one degree. In regards to your home a BTU is the measure of heat that is given off by a heater when the fuel is burned to heat it. In regards to air conditioning it measures the amount of heat that is extracted from your home in order to cool it.

CFM CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and is a way to measure airflow.

Compressor The compressor is the heart and main part of both a heat pump system and an air conditioning system.

Damper The damper controls the airflow by opening and closing. It can be used in zoning to regulate the airflow into the rooms in your home.

Ductwork This is the piping that carries either heat or cool air throughout your home.

Energy Star The Energy Star program was designed by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, in order to reduce the amount of energy consumption that occurs in the United States. When you see a unit that is marked that it is Energy Star compliant, that means that the unit is at least 15% more efficient than traditional models.

Furnace A heating unit that resides inside of your home/.

HEPA Filter This filter removes particles from the air by trapping them as they flow through the unit.

Humidifier A humidifier adds moisture into the air.

Humidity A way of measuring the moisture in the air.

HVAC HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Load Calculation This is an analysis of your home`s energy needs that can help you to select the right unit for your home.

Refrigerant This substance actually produces a cooling effect and is used in most cooling systems.

Thermostat A thermostat is the temperature control device that is found generally on an inside wall of most homes. It helps to regulate the air in your home.

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